Each month you will receive a jam-packed box full of bunny treats and toys, delivered to your door! What will this month's theme be?
Subscribe and have fun with your bunny receiving, opening and playing with your Binky Box every month!


Your Binky Box will always be loaded with fun and healthy treats and toys that will keep your bunny binkying throughout the entire month!
Some examples are below, but your box will ALWAYS contain a few surprises!

Binkylicious Bickies: Not only are these a great snack that your bunny will love, they also contain necessary proteins and fibres, as well as being rich in Omega 3 for sustained energy. Watch your bunny binky after eating these!

Healthy Herbs: Herbs are full of vitamins and minerals, essential to keep your buns super healthy. You might find mint, parsley, rosemary, basil, coriander and more in your box. Which one will you find in there this month?

Tasty Tree Chews: Tree chews provide your bunny with an important opportunity to wear down their teeth. There will be no dental issues if your bunny munches through a regular supply of these! (Also they are super yummy!)

Funky Flowers: Top your bunny’s hay will a spoonful of dandelion, or a handful of rose petals. How about a bunch of chamomile. Funky flowers = funky bunnies!

Toys…. All of the toys: Bunnies. Love. Toys. Toys offer enrichment to your bunny. Bunnies are inquisitive and see throwing and chewing and scratching at toys as a challenge. These challenges keep their minds and bodies active, as well as keeping them happy! We all love our happy bunnies don’t we!?

WHAT ELSE? Each monthly box will contain surprises. There’s plenty more on offer than the above. What will this months box be full of? Subscribe to our boxes to share the fun with you and your bun!



Grace is the boss, and she runs a tight ship! She makes sure our customers are happy and that our boxes are jam-packed with all of the bunny toys and treats. However, on a Friday afternoon, she has been known to bring in a box of carrots so everyone can let their fur down heading into the weekend! Thanks Grace!

Russell makes sure only the highest quality products go into our boxes. Given his extra consumption of yummy treats, he maintains a daily exercise regime which includes running figure eights through his hoomin’s legs at any opportunity. Please focus on product testing Russell!

Bambi is our Head Packer, and she makes sure our customers receive fantastic looking themed boxes each month, full of all the things that bunnies love. However, Bambi has been known to adopt a “1 for you, 1 for me” approach. These products are for our customers Bambi. Surely your above award celery salary is enough!

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